1 Page synopsis:


Lana, Adrie, Vivian, Diona and Nixie are five very different and diverse women. Each of them seems to be the strong and dynamic woman that society expects them to be, including themselves, but in essence they’re all individually drowning in their own “river of life”. Daily challenges regarding work, raising children, the constant battle with weight issues, depression, hurt and disappointment.

In desperate attempts to try and keep their lives together, these five secretly broken women meet at a weekly self-help group. These self-help visits aren’t successful in breaking down the women’s walls and they continue hiding behind them to conceal their true vulnerability and rawness. However, the direction their self-help group is heading in is something none of them are ready or prepared for.


The self-help group prescribes “adventure therapy” and before they know it, these five characters find themselves on the Orange River where their busy city life is exchanged for a world so desolate and wild that it silences the noise harbouring in each woman. The beauty of nature is paradoxical – so hard and merciless, but also vulnerable and freeing. But each character has arrived with her own hidden, self-centered intentions and expectations. Constant underlying friction between the women leads to an accident on the river and in a terrible moment the boat, the guide and the women are thrown from the raft. Flung overboard in the ensuing chaos of the wild rapid, they disappear in the frightening water.


The women manage to find each other, but minus a guide and without any knowledge of the river or nature, circumstances become more difficult and they come to the shocking realisation that they’ve been left to their own devices to ensure survival. With every new challenge they realise that they cannot escape this desolate wilderness without their guide. In a fateful search to find him each of the women constantly faces her own inner conflicts while trying to survive the harsh environment. Life-threatening events drive the women to breaking point...


As the story unfolds each of the characters discovers herself as well as her strengths again. She admits to her weaknesses and takes the selfless decision to accept them and even to celebrate them. Each of them realise that they’re not alone and finally a friendship is born – and for the first time the women see each other in a different light. They also see themselves differently and with new-found courage they continue their search for their guide.


Will the women’s courage and strength sustain them to ensure that they and their guide safely make it to the other side?

Short Synopsis:

In Stroomop we meet five women who are all drowning in the rough waters of their own realities. For individual reasons, these women end up together on ‘Adventure Therapy’ on the Orange River for a river-rafting trip. During this adventure, their raft is swept away and their guide is lost in the terrifying water. The women are left to their own devices to survive in the wilderness, unaware of the fact that their own realities and life experiences have already prepared them for the challenges ahead. But will that be enough?

Stroomop is an adventure film about self-discovery, self-acceptance, forgiveness and healing that releases on Women’s Day on 9 August 2018.

Two Sentences:

Stroomop is an adventure about life and death.

The story of five women who go on a journey to rediscover themselves, to forgive and accept themselves, to experience true healing and to find real friendship.

One Line:

Lose yourself to find yourself!