From the Author

When I was approached to transform the Stroomop script into a book, I was very skeptical. Why work with someone else’s characters and story if you can rather create your own?

This question was answered so convincingly after one meeting with Ivan and Donnalee, that I never doubted again whether this was the right project for me. In the very moment the characters were described to me, they started “talking” to me. Like Nixie, I had to turn my back, in humiliation, on a wonderful legal career.

Like Adrie, I battled with my weight for ages and I know exactly how one can feel – knee-deep in nappies and bottles and toys and wonderful, screaming, laughing children – as if you’re drowning on dry ground. Like Vivian, I allowed my fears to prevent me from living fully for years. Like Diona, I was unable to sleep at night, wondering if I’m a good mother; and like Lana, it often feels as if my best isn’t good enough.

In the end, it was great fun walking a few kilometers in each of those characters’ shoes – all alone in front of my computer I laughed out loud, frowned, giggled and even cried a few times. I really think every South African woman, just like me, will find something in this story that will speak about her own life. All I’m hoping for now is that people enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Adeline Radloff